Ireland Gift Box

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Ireland Gift Box

Sliánte!   Dream of touring castles around Dublin or taking in a pint of Guinness at a local pub listening to traditional Irish jigs?  Don't dream, get the Ireland box.  This gift box contains a unique assortment of goodies all sourced from from Ireland incorporating all 5 senses.  Makes a great anniversary gift, graduation gift, ideal for those who would love to relive an Irish vacation, or those who just needs an escape.  Included in this box you will find:

  • Celtic Cafe cd full classic irish tunes from Putumayo
  • Ireland Magazine full of tourism info including great photos and info about Ireland
  • 4 oz. beer scented candle "St. Patrick's Pub" from By the Bay Botanicals
  • Guiness brand BBQ sauce - great on burgers! 
  • Irish playing cards - each card has a breathtaking view of important Irish landmarks
  • Irish made scarf
  • Irish tea taste test!  Take the taste test with 3 brands of Irish tea included in one packet and weigh in what you think is the best Irish tea!
  • Postcard with product information and guide on how to plot one's staycation day in Paris/France.  

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