Alaska Gift Box

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Alaska Gift Box

Dream of going to Alaska one day?  Get the Alaska box.  This gift box contains a unique assortment of goodies all sourced from in Alaska incorporating all 5 senses so you can have full immersive like vacation experience.  Makes a great anniversary gift,  those who would love to experience Alaska, or anyone you know who just needs an escape.  Included in this box you will find:

  • Native America cd full of traditional Native American music
  • Sourdough sauce - similar to ketchup, it makes a great condiment, made in Alaska
  • Anchorage travel and tourism magazine full of great info about Alaska and hot spots to seek outdoor adventure, shop, and eat.
  • 2 Alaska glacial mud masks - one time use and was featured on Shark Tank
  • Alaska Aurora Night Sky scented tea lights (the aroma is a mix of lavender and eucalyptus - bright and refreshing) from By the Bay Botanicals
  • Cuddly stuffed polar bear
  • Postcard with product information and guide on how to plot one's staycation day in Alaska.  


 Testimonial...  "I loved this box!  I got it as a gift just prior to our honeymoon as we honeymooned in Alaska.  The travel guide came in handy and the polar bear is so cute.  Trying products like the sourdough sauce and mud mask was cool especially having actually toured a glacial while there.  I really think this box captures the essence of Alaska and perfect for anyone who is planning on going there or would like to relive vacation memories."  Jessica, Maryland

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