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How Ordering Works

1. Choose a Destination

My Staycation Box offers multiple choices of destination themed boxes.  Simply choose one you would like to visit.  Note:  Eight new destinations will be revealed at the end of February 2018.

2. Boxes are shipped in 2-3 days

Orders are shipped once the 

3. Unbox and enjoy

Once your box arrives, unbox it!  It will be just like Christmas morning discovering amazing products with the help of a postcard insert that outlines how to plot your staycation via that month's destination theme.   Be sure to share your experience via Instagram and/or Facebook using #mystaycationbox !

This is our why

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Why a My Staycation Box?

When the founders mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer that metastasized in her bone she struggled to find a truly  thoughtful gift to help her get her mind off of her diagnosis. With many people dreaming of traveling to wonderful destinations, like the founder's mom, the idea of bringing a vacation those who cannot drop everything and go was born. While there are a few subscription boxes and even gift basket companies who offer either locally made products from one place only or just highlight foods yet nothing for the other senses, Michelle - the founder of My Staycation Box, decided to create her own that seemed like a you were going on an actual vacation, but from the comforts of home.  If is the goal of the company to help bring vacations to all who need an escape - busy moms, lonely grandparents, selfless caregivers, family and friends battling cancer, to even those who would like to travel more but due to responsibities, cannot.   

What is the company's Refund Policy?

My Staycation Box offers full or partial returns only when requests are made within 30 days of when the order was placed.   My Staycation Box requires boxes to be shipped back within 30 days of shipping date showing that products are unused, unopened, and in their original packaging in order for a full refund can be issued.  If a product from a box is missing or delivered damaged (such as a broken glass jar candle), the company reserves the right to either issue a partial refund just for the value of the item missing or will ship out the missing item as soon as possible.

My Staycation Box will not be held responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen boxes  Boxes are shipped priority mail with insurance and a tracking number for the customers benefit.  It is the customers responsibility to track the box or request a refund through USPS at their local post office location.    Refunds are issued once the return order has been received and inspected which may take up to 2 weeks. The refunded amount of  the order, after the inspection takes place takes 5-7 business days. Note:  My Staycation Box does not provide prepaid return shipping labels and is not responsible for returned shipping costs.

After 30 days, orders are no longer eligible for a refund. The company does not accept returns or refunds for discounted introductory subscription boxes. We do not refund original shipping fees on any order.  Note:  demanding a refund does not speed the process nor increase one chances of receiving a return as it still takes time to investigate all return requests based the info presented upon the request.  The more details, like submitting photos and other documentation, one can provide may help the process move faster.  The company processes refunds  in the order of which they are received during standard business hours.

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Are the products in each box different each month?

While each box does contain items that appeal to all five senses, the variety of the items change each month.   One month may have a combination of one guide book, a CD, mini candle, bottle of sauce and various handmade souvenirs such as a handmade bar of soap or handmade bracelet.  Another month may have promotional print material about the destination, a room spray, snacks or sauce, a mini instrument and a handmade key chain.  We do teaser photos as each month's theme is announced via the company's website and social media channels, however only reveal half of what will actually be in that months box?  Why?  It's the "Christmas morning" effect, where you may know one or two items you might be getting from Santa Claus, but you may not know everything under wrapped under the tree.   It adds mystery and fun of what else could be in this months box.

How did you come up with the idea of My Staycation Box?

To go from concept of an idea to physical product, we felt we need to start with designing the right look for the box.  Paying careful attention to the customer experience, the look of the box needed to be visually stunning using tropical images, collage of postcard, and logo making it easily recognizable when subscribers see it in the mailbox or doorstep.  Next, the team researched what makes a vacation memorable to figure the best approach to curate the box. Results showed when all five senses are stimulated, powerful memories of the destination is created.  Applying 20 plus years of retail and product development industry experience, the founder was able to carefully curate unique products sourced and/or inspired from different popular travel destinations. For example, the handmade gifts, snacks and sauces, and even CD's are from local artisans to that specific destination highlighted each month.  To get this into the hands of those wanting a vacation, we took advantage of the subscription box model so now folks can go on a monthly vacation whenever they want.

How do I cancel or have the subscription box put on hold?

We understand some choose to not continue with their subscription, but it still saddens us that you wish to cancel! To cancel, please email our My Staycation Box Advisors via or log into your account to cancel your subscription.  You can also log into your account to skip a month, put your box on hold, or change your contact information at any time.  

How do you order a large quantity of boxes for an event or corporate needs?

Great question!  My Staycation Box does work with those who have business to business needs called Concierge Club Box.   Those seeking large quantity boxes for a special event such as a convention, wedding or even companies in the hospitality industry, we offer a unique opportunity to not only design your own box but choose what you want in the box from our own selection of hyper locally made products as well as include your own promotional materials too.  While the Concierge Club website is under construction, it is easy to request a brochure, sales sheet, order form, or have questions via email us using the contact us page.  Be sure to address your inquiry to Michelle S., who is in charge of corporate orders.

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Our mission

My Staycation Box aims to provide an amazing service to those who need a getaway by delivering a vacation like experience that is affordable, convenient, authentic, and fun.  by creating a sensory adventure through discovering products sourced from a new destination each month from regional artisanal companies, we are not only helping local economies grow but offer an immersive travel like experience at the same time.

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