Top 10 Staycation Ideas and what is a staycation anyway?

Top 10 Staycation Ideas and what is a staycation anyway?

October 30, 2017

The term "staycation" has been used quite often in blogs, news articles, and magazine articles regarding travel...  

However not many really explain what the term "staycation" means.  A staycation is a mash-up of the words stay and vacation, where the idea is to go on a vacation with out leaving your hometown, county or state.  The goal of a staycation is to get a much needed break through experiences that are offered in your area that you may not get a chance to do or see when going about every day activities.  Staycations are perfect for all kinds of people like those with families on a tight budget, pet owners who do not wish to board their their fur kids, work-a-holics, even some who may have medical issues such as diabetes where they need to be close to a dialysis center and traveling a far distance isn't feasible.  

So what can you do to take a staycation?  Here's our Top 10 List of Idea!

1.  Check into a nice local hotel or Bed and Breakfast for a day and be pampered.  In the past one two years many hotels have undergone radical upgrades and renovations to entice more people to stay.  Not to mention old decor definitely gets stale quick.  However with the remodeling more hotels are offering spa options like massages and facials, new pools with hot tubs and lounges and bars, new upscale restaurants with creative menu offerings, and much more.

2.  Go hiking or visit a Nature Center.  A day out in the fresh air does remarkable things for your health and mind.  One doesn't need to be super fit to walk a simple one mile trail, but to see local birds, bugs and other animals and learn a bit about them can be really fun.   To make the most of the day, pack a pick nick or pick a trail that is near a lake or stream and go fishing!

3.  Walk down Main Street.  There are dozens of Main Streets in every state full of great things to do and see.  First stop in the Visitors Center for a map and info on local places one much see.  Then create an itinerary.  One idea is to grab some breakfast at a local Main Street Cafe, visit an art/history exhibit at the local historical or art center, explore a gift shop or two, grab some lunch, try your hand at painting or sculpting at an art studio, go thrift store shopping and then finish the evening with happy hour drinks and meal at a local bar and grill.  Note:  make the most of your your Main Street Day by planning around an event like a street festival, parade, farmer's market, or music stroll.  

4.  Visit a local museum.  In every major city, there are museums - small and large.  Take the day to visit one.  Bonus points for those who are more adventurous and visit museums that are of the odd variety such those that involve unique pop culture like the Visionary Museum in Baltimore, MD or an oddities museum.  

5.  Go to the Zoo, Aquarium or wild life rescue park.  Seriously when was the last time you went to the zoo or had free time to see a local wild life rescue park?  It's probably been a while.  Zoos and aquariums, even if you do go semi-frequently, often have a lot to offer than just walking around and taking photos of animals.  Check out new exhibits, meet the newest baby at the zoo, or take advantages of unique opportunities to feed or even camp over night with the animals.  

6.  Go to a game!  Whether it is the big leagues or the minor leagues there is always a sports event going on in your local/nearby town.  Whether you are into baseball, football, soccer or a race track, it is really fun to get wrapped up in a rooting for your favorite team, have fun tailgating (even if it would be your first time doing so) and take in the nearby attractions makes for an exciting day.

7.  Put on a BBQ and invite the neighbors.  Get a chance to know your neighbors and have a backyard (or front yard) BBQ.  Place a few fliers on your neighbors front doors with the date, time and where asking each to bring their favorite pot luck dish, while you provide the hot dogs (or other grilled favorites) and condiments and lemonade and soda.   Have some side walk chalk and and homemade bubble solution for children while the adults get to know each other.   

8.  Go to an amusement park/festival.  Be a kid again and get out to the nearest amusement park, carnival, state fair or festival.

9.  Go for a drive.   Backroads often yield the coolest adventures.  Any backroad could lead to a farm with great produce or an opportunity to pick pumpkins, apples or other tasty treats, or discover a mom and pop restaurant with THE BEST pie in the world you never knew existed or find a new place to see a spectacular sunset.

10.  Try Geocaching.  If you like scavenger hunts, you'll love geocaching.  Geocaching is an outdoor activity where you use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques (like a compass) to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world.  Every town has a places to find caches, take a staycation to find them all.  For more info on how to start geocaching, visit  

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